Amazing accurate rending of a Black Hole surprises scientists and Hollywood alike!

Here is a read that should intrigue pretty much anyone:  in the pursuit of accuracy for a upcoming movie, amazing things were discovered leading to new understanding of black holes as well as an amazing upcoming movie:Interstellar.  Check out the article from wired magazine and check out the video about the movie and it’s discovery.

image       image

Moon Landing Photos–NVIDIA Proves They are Real

Sometimes the silliest of things catch my attention.  I remember as a kid hearing of the controversy surrounding moon landing photos.  The idea being, cameras have a limited range of bright/dark they can capture.  They are less forgiving than our own eye.  There were photographs from the moon landing that showed a well-lighted space suit in the shadow of the lander.  There is only one light source, so folks argued there was no way there was enough light to be able to see the moon lit AND Buzz in it’s shadow.  Apparently, there is enough scatter from the moon surface to make it work.   Think what happens on a cloudy day; shadows tend to disappear because of the large difuse of light.  The moon itself acts as a giant fill-light lighting the shadow-side of the lander.  Read more here, and see simulated photos vs. the real thing:

El Monstero Rocks the Pageant

El Monstero is in my top five favorite cover bands.  The members are a plethora of local musicians who normally do original music.  They sell out 6+ shows a year every Christmas to do Pink Floyd songs.  I’ve seen the last few years shows, and the production team and the band do a fantastic job!  They play at one of the best venues in St.Louis for Live Music: The Pageant.  It’s highly recommended; if you find yourself in St.Louis, MO near Christmas, I would highly encourage putting this on your calendar.

I took a few photos, two of them are here.  I have them on my Pro site here:

A quote from their Facebook page:

For those first timers, here’s the skinny….El Monstero is a St. Louis based Pink Floyd tribute band. The brainchild of Stir bassist Kevin Gagnepain, El Monstero’s first appearance was a single night, sold out show @Mississippi Nights in 1999. By 2008 the show spanned 6 nights @The Pageant….who knows what 09 has in store.
The current line up includes Mark Thomas Quinn (lead vox, guitar, lap steel), Jimmy Griffin (lead vox, guitar), Kevin Gagnepain (bass, vox), Bryan Greene (elec, steel, and nylon guitar) John Pessoni (drums, vox) Bill Reiter (keys, vox) Jake Elking (keys), Dave Farver (sax) and of course the ladies….Erminie Cannon, Tandra Williams, and Kelly Wild….they steal the show; Most members of El Monstero have been in bands that were signed to major labels, and they are all top notch players. The band spares no expense on production, hiring the best sound, lighting, visual, pyro, wardrobe, set design, and stage management personnel that St. Louis has to offer, as well as the best sound and lighting equipment in town. The show is truly a St. Louis holiday tradition.
The music mainly focuses on Gilmore/Waters era Floyd and runs about 2 1/2hrs….it is a must see for any Stl area Floyd fans and is an edgier, more theatrical alternative to other tribute shows that roll through town. The show is sponsored by K-SHE95, and K-SHE DJ FAVAZZ has been a true friend since day one.

a video from the show:

was a great show!




And from Wikipedia is additional information about the members:

Current Lineup

Previous Members

Hair, makeup, and clothing

  • Carol Ivcich and Stephanie Asbed of iVCiCH clothing design have been responsible for Hair, makeup, and clothing since 2002

Kopp-Etchells Effect

You have to check these photos to believe it – Blades of helicopter cause sparks:

"Basically it is a result of static electricity created by friction as materials of dissimilar material strike against each other. In this case titanium/nickel blades moving through the air and dust. It occurs on the ground as well, but you don’t usually see it as much unless the aircraft is landing or taking off. The most common time is when fuel is being pumped. When large tankers are being fueled they must be grounded to prevent static electricity from discharging and creating explosions."

Finally found a way to view Canon RAW files on Vista 64-bit

I am happy with my switch to 64-bit Vista, except one major issue:  I can’t see my Canon .RAW files from explorer.  I’m still shocked that Canon refuses to make this possible out of the box.  There is a pay-for solution for $30 you can get this feature back.  See more here:

Santa Sighting ..

img010On Saturday Dec 20th, 2008 my family and I were driving to the store to pick up some Christmas Gifts.  Then it happened; Santa was on his “sleigh” on Manchester Rd. He seemed to be having some problems with his beard, which made me wonder how Santa deals with this when he’s *really* going fast at night.  How could he possibly see?  I guess Rudolph takes care of getting Santa safely to each home.  Happy Holidays!  

Einstein Cross – Macrolensing and Microlensing Produce Crisp Details of Galaxy 10 Billion Light Years Away

image I had not heard of microlensing prior to reading this article, but apparently both a galaxy and the individual stars both help gravitational lensing to allow astronomers to see details described as :

“[It] enabled astronomers to probe regions on scales as small as a millionth of an arcsecond. This corresponds to the size of a one euro coin seen at a distance of five million kilometers, i.e., about 13 times the distance to the Moon! "

Four-dimensional (4D) Electron Microscopy Captures Nano Word

Nano Letters images and diagram produced at Caltech

Caltech has developed a movie-microscope to show atomic particles behavior. 

“More than a century ago, the development of the earliest motion picture technology made what had been previously thought "magical" a reality: capturing and recreating the movement and dynamism of the world around us. A breakthrough technology based on new concepts has now accomplished a similar feat, but on an atomic scale–by allowing, for the first time, the real-time, real-space visualization of fleeting changes in the structure and shape of matter barely a billionth of a meter in size.

Such "movies" of atomic changes in materials of gold and graphite, obtained using the technique, are featured in a paper appearing in the November 21 issue of the journal Science. (4D microscopy videos can be viewed at A patent on the conceptual framework of this approach was granted to the California Institute of Technology (Caltech) in 2006. “ 

Read the story here:

sample move here: