Hubble Gets One Last Retrofit

I thought the Hubble was to be replaced with the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST); however, it turns out they have one last upgrade in store for the 18 year old telescope.  Take a moment and check out the photos and the text for each and I bet you too will be amazed.  The JWST primary mirror is nearly three times the size of Hubble.  It also won’t need to compensate for the design flaw that crippled the Hubble back in 1990.

image image image image

Dark Matter – Proof?

National Geographic is reporting there is now proof of Dark Matter. You knowimage that stuff you can’t measure, taste, touch, feel, or see (like God I guess..)


Impressive Stepped Leader Lightning in Slow Motion

I enjoy watching lightning at night.  Our new house gives an amazing view of the sky, but so far I have not had many opportunities to watch.   Check out this slow motion video that includes a stepped leader creeping across the sky.  I once saw a similar display at an Ozzy Osbourne concert in Kansas city.  The band ended one of their songs right as the lightning display went over our heads.  It was incredible! 

Hubble Scan of Milky Way Lucky to Find Distant Star Cluster


A team scanning the Milky Way happened upon a rare glimpse of a distant galaxy.  What is perplexing is the star’s red-shift is much higher than expected for the distance and age of the stars.  Either there is something wrong with the model used currently, or there is something different about these stars. 

It still amazes me the pictures and discoveries the Hubble telescope has brought us to digest.  I look forward to the next generations of telescopes!

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Microsoft Research: World Wide Telescope

Wow.  This is impressive: Microsoft released a new “Google sky” killer..  This is something you DON’T want to miss!   It’s an interactive view of the sky like you have never experienced before.  It shows changes in real time, has amazing tours, and is easy to use.   Take it for a test drive and let me know what you think!

image image image

Time Machine Camera from Canon

imageSo the name is a little much for me, but some sports photographers may really  appreciate it’s features.   It is able to take 60 full resolution (6mp) frames in two seconds.  It’s even able to capture photos prior to the shutter button depress.  It also has a motion detection which allows you to capture an event when it comes in the frame.  Finally, how does a low-res 1200 frames per second sound?    Check out article here: 

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  (special thanks to Aaron for the info

Lightroom 2.0 Beta is released to the public

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imageGet while it’s hot at:

  • Localized corrections — Enhance specific areas of an image for unsurpassed nondestructive flexibility and control reminiscent of the traditional darkroom dodge and burn experience.
  • Improved organizational tools — Find the images you need quickly and easily.
  • Multiple monitor support — Add an additional monitor to efficiently manage photographic workflow and presentation.
  • Flexible print package functionality — Create custom layouts containing multiple sizes of a photograph on a single page.
  • 64-bit support — Lightroom 2.0 now takes advantage of the latest hardware architectures with improved memory handling and performance.

Large Binocular Telescope takes first photos

image A first-of-its-kind telescope shows off what it can do.  It’s dual mirrors are equivalent to a single 75 foot (22.8 meter) mirror.

“The images that this telescope will produce will be like none seen before. The power and clarity of this machine is in a class of its own. It will provide unmatched ability to peer into history, seeing the birth of the universe.”

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Digital Photography 2.0

CNET published a fantastic article on what to expect in the next 5+ years with image photography.  Examples to expect to see in the future: Dept of Field (DOF) adjustments after the fact, changing the focal point in a photo, extraction of detail from multiple shots,3-D images, and High Dynamic Range (HDR.) 

I mention HDR, but it is already used in post processing by small groups.  Currently it requires extra shots of a scene be taken on a tripod, and image the data is combined after the fact with computer software. 

Read and see more about it here:

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Optical Illusion – and an understanding

I have always been intrigued by optical illusions.   Each time I find something new I imagespend a lot of time trying to understand what makes it work.   Arthur Shapiro has come up with a new illusion that also shows how our eyes and brain perceive light.  What I really enjoyed about this write-up is the ability to tweak the illusion to see how changes affect what you see.  Check it out here:

Lunar Eclipse photos

I stood up to the 10 degree weather last night and took a few shots of the moon during the eclipse last night.  See all the shots on my Smugmug, but here are a few if you missed it.  The next one will be December 10, 2010. These shots were taken with my Canon 40D with an old 70-300 lens I had available.  I love seeing the golden color from our atmosphere bounce off the moon 😉

image image image image

Ultra high speed Photography

How does a shutter speed of 110 attoseconds (110 x 10-18) second sound?  An image attosecond is one billionth of one billionth of a second.  It’s fast enough to track electrons jumping atoms.  Here is a link to a time line of high speed photography:

Adobe creates Magic Lens – Plenoptic

This single lens allows photographers to take a single shot, and afterwards modify image the depth of field, what is in focus and what is not in focus, and slightly change the angle of the shot.  Amazing!  Check out this short clip.

Also, here is a paper from Stanford University describing the Plenoptic Camera technique. 



You suck at Photoshop

In for a laugh?  Got headphones?   I would recommend watching this at home.  There is a whole series for these helpful videos on how to use Photoshop.  I saw #4 first, and I’m linking it here for you, but know there is a bit of a story line..

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