New theory: dark matter is wrong, right answer is time is slowing down

Ok, it doesn’t matter, but I thought of this possibility myself years ago, but my lack of knowledge on the subject prevented me from sharing.

Everyone knows scientist say the universe is expanding at an remunerated rate, right?  ..And dark matter with done interesting properties you can’t measure is used to help explain this? 


What if the observations could be explained without the use of a Easter bunny?  Well, team had figured out the observations could be explained by removing the constraint that time is constant.

Amazing accurate rending of a Black Hole surprises scientists and Hollywood alike!

Here is a read that should intrigue pretty much anyone:  in the pursuit of accuracy for a upcoming movie, amazing things were discovered leading to new understanding of black holes as well as an amazing upcoming movie:Interstellar.  Check out the article from wired magazine and check out the video about the movie and it’s discovery.

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