New LASER can detect certain cancers in a patients breath?

Apparently it is true.  Using molecular markers by looking at wavelengths that are reflected can be used to fingerprint compounds.  This similar technique is used to determine the makeup of a distant star or planet.  Impressive

Photograph of Ioachim Pupeza and a colleague with the new laser system


I don’t know if this is publicly announced yet, but coming soon to a St. Louis Brad company near you is the jalapeños bagel.  Why is this so kick arse?  Have you ever tried their breakfast egg, white cheddar, and ham on a jalapeños bagel?  You haven’t lived, sir or madam.. 

Trust me, ask if they have it, and ask them to make you this one if a kind taste.

Reply back, and tell me if it isn’t the best thing since the bread tie was invented.

In all it’s glory:


New theory: dark matter is wrong, right answer is time is slowing down

Ok, it doesn’t matter, but I thought of this possibility myself years ago, but my lack of knowledge on the subject prevented me from sharing.

Everyone knows scientist say the universe is expanding at an remunerated rate, right?  ..And dark matter with done interesting properties you can’t measure is used to help explain this? 


What if the observations could be explained without the use of a Easter bunny?  Well, team had figured out the observations could be explained by removing the constraint that time is constant.

Google Earth PRO for free ! get your key while you can!

Most of the major news agencies use Google earth whenever there is a conflict or a disaster.  Next time you watch the news, look for the zoom from a wide shot down to a city, town, or street.   If you notice in the corner, you will typically see “Google earth” watermark on the images.  Now you too can do your own amazing videos to show your vacation spots!  


Check it out here:Google Earth PRO for free



Add a whole home surge protector

With all the electronics in today’s homes you need to potter your investments.   You may not realize how much can be affected…including your led lighting, furnace, and home theater and computers, mobile devices etc

Some things to look for in
a whole house surge protector

Video on how to install

Note you need two beakers available, and if you are not verified, consult an electrician.  It also doors not replace individual surge protectors for sensitive equipment that may share a breaker with other items that cause overvoltage, such as lighting or motors.

Can’t find the clamping voltage listed, this product looks promising.  less than $150

Amazing accurate rending of a Black Hole surprises scientists and Hollywood alike!

Here is a read that should intrigue pretty much anyone:  in the pursuit of accuracy for a upcoming movie, amazing things were discovered leading to new understanding of black holes as well as an amazing upcoming movie:Interstellar.  Check out the article from wired magazine and check out the video about the movie and it’s discovery.

image       image

Amazing Home Energy Saver

I recently bought a new home and I recalled an amazing site.  You get out of this what you put into it, but ultimately you will get, in order of return on investment, the best upgrades /repairs for your money to save energy.   I can’t understate how helpful this is for identifying and allowing you to decide how to save both money and energy usage in your home.   They have a quick set of questions, or you can dive into the full section, but expect to invest an hour of time or more depending on the complexity of your home.   See for yourself!