Is there trouble brewing in the land of DevOps?

Does your organization use Agile project management?  Are you deploying new capabilities on very short intervals to your infrastructure?   Does your organization use middle-ware ‘service’ layer to help standardize your software product line? Is your organization such that this middleware is provided by a separate team?

It may behoove you to ensure there is compliance with time-tested documentation and proper change control.  Any middleware subsystems created as components used on new technologies but are not well documented, packaged, or maintained may suffer in the future and negate the benefit of being componentized.  This is “technical debt” that eventually will fall upon your organization.  All systems that use this middleware will be tied to a system that eventually will be unable to be updated unless the talent that created them are keep employed. This technical debt can bring down a company with a ‘market leading product’ quickly when the competition brings a new product to market.  New products can industrialize your organization’s product.  Your organization is quickly put into the position of having a legacy product, and management will need to invest heavily to bring your product up to the level and quickly to the new generation of product.

I follow gardeviance’s blog pretty regularly because he is the only source I have found insightful in IT leadership and how prepared organizations are for future success. This blog is gold for any CIO.

It is worth the investment in time to read. You may want to reserve time to read related content, but once you do he brings a unique perspective on new technologies coming to market, such as Amazon’s dash button.

I’d love to hear your thoughts.


I don’t know if this is publicly announced yet, but coming soon to a St. Louis Brad company near you is the jalapeños bagel.  Why is this so kick arse?  Have you ever tried their breakfast egg, white cheddar, and ham on a jalapeños bagel?  You haven’t lived, sir or madam.. 

Trust me, ask if they have it, and ask them to make you this one if a kind taste.

Reply back, and tell me if it isn’t the best thing since the bread tie was invented.

In all it’s glory:


“Just keep Swimming..” Quick! MOVE! Sitting extended periods results in poor health – despite exercise

Ok It’s official – stand up – right now, and stretch for a few minutes.   There, I just saved your life! 

“The amount of time a person sits during the day is associated with a higher risk of heart disease, diabetes, cancer, and death, regardless of regular exercise, according to a review study published today in the Annals of Internal Medicine.”  

All kidding aside, it’ surprised me you need to keep moving to minimize health risks.   I suppose the good news is my Program Team meetings are keeping my teams healthy!

Amazing Home Energy Saver

I recently bought a new home and I recalled an amazing site.  You get out of this what you put into it, but ultimately you will get, in order of return on investment, the best upgrades /repairs for your money to save energy.   I can’t understate how helpful this is for identifying and allowing you to decide how to save both money and energy usage in your home.   They have a quick set of questions, or you can dive into the full section, but expect to invest an hour of time or more depending on the complexity of your home.   See for yourself!


Let me Find that for YOU!

I had a belly laugh today when I ran across this wonderful link.   How many times have you gotten an email or see a post online asking what is xxx?  or where do I find that?   So what I told you I had a professional photography site named perform photography and neglected to provide a link.  Would you post a comment asking where it is?  Well, here let me help you find it:


By the way, you can find my photo site here:\



TechNet Direct – Get most Microsoft Software for Cheap

image Yes this is legal.  Yes it is a good deal:  for example: get Windows 7 Ultimate, Server 2008 R2, Sql Server, Microsoft Office Ultimate 2007, etc for $349 – 28%  of the cost using this code: TMSAM07   so the total cost is $251.28.  If you already have TechNet Direct, use the code to renew, and pay only $179.28 plus tax. $186.86 for me) 

People: this is good for ~10 copies of Windows 7 Ultimate, plus 10 copies of Office 2007 Ultimate.  all for HALF the cost of one retail copy of Windows 7.


go to  and upgrade all your systems cheap.  Hurry, these codes don’t last long..



Current US & Britain Intake of Vitamin K too low

image Age related disease such as bone fragility, cardiovascular disease, and kidney and arterial calcification,may be a result of not enough vitamin K intake according to new scientific research.   Eat your greens!

Calorie – Measuring method can be off +10% to –25% or more

Apparently new research suggests factors such as the softness of a food can have a significant impact on the ability of the body to convert the stored energy.  For example, two sets of rats fed the exact same calorie content, but one set was fed hard food, the other soft.  The rats receiving the softer food were significantly overweight compared do the other group.  Check out this fantastic read if you are watching what you eat:

Create Your Own Social Network – Ning

I stumbled upon Ning yesterday during my career search. Do you have a passion, profession or a hobby? There is most likely a group that shares your passion on Ning: or you can start your own in minutes without programming knowledge.  Check it out, or read more here:

U.S. Digital Television transition Delayed to June 12th

On the 4th the House of Representatives voted on Wednesday to delay the transition that was set to happen on the 17th.   The cause of the delay stems from the lack of money funding the “free Converter boxes” initiative.    The bill allows stations to switch before this date if they choose.   

Another interesting note is the fear of a massive upswing in heavy metals in landfills due to consumers throwing away their old analogue sets instead of recycling them. 

Folks, please find a recycler in your area using the E-cycling Central website:

Conversion to Digital TV in US is Feb 17th 38 days Away and millions still do not have converter boxes

It’s amazing that the day is nearly here. 

Billed as perhaps the greatest leap in television since "living color," the transition to digital TV is a mere 39 days away, and in serious trouble: millions of households still aren’t ready for the conversion and a government program created to subsidize the hardware needed by many has run out of money.image  Get your rebate form here

FDA Sets Standards for Melamine contamination in Baby Formula

Chemist Michael Filigenzi demonstrates how vials of liquefied pet food are placed in trays for testing for the industrial chemical melamine at the California Animal Health and Food Safety Laboratory at the University of California Davis campus in Dav ...It amazes me that a standard is needed for a product consumed by the littlest of us, but apparently it’s necessary. Apparently one part in a million is safe enough; as was set by the FDA this month.  This is a pull-back from the FDA’s initial standing:

“ The agency had left the impression of a zero tolerance on Oct. 3 when it stated: "FDA is currently unable to establish any level of melamine and melamine-related compounds in infant formula that does not raise public health concerns."

Melamine was traced to four infant deaths in China due to contamination, and two samples of US made infant formula were found to have traces below the new standard.  Read more here: