Breathing Lithium Ion Batteries Store 8-10 times the Power

An early demonstration model of the St Andrews air cell. Air enters and leaves via the porous circular membrane in the centre (Image: Peter Bruce/EPSRC)


  Interesting find

The lithium ion batteries used in laptops and cellphones, and tipped for future use in electric cars, are approaching their technological limits. But chemists in the UK say that there’s a way to break through the looming energy capacity barrier – let the batteries "breathe" oxygen from the air.

A standard lithium ion battery contains a negative electrode of graphite, a positive electrode of lithium cobalt oxide, and a lithium salt-containing electrolyte. Lithium ions shuttle between the two electrodes during charging and discharging, sending electrons around the external circuit to power a gadget in the process.

The problem with that design, says Peter Bruce at the University of St Andrews, is that the lithium cobalt oxide is bulky and heavy. "The major barrier to increasing the energy density of these batteries is the positive electrode," he says. "Everyone wants to find a way to push up the amount of lithium stored there, which would raise the capacity." 

Add a whole home surge protector

With all the electronics in today’s homes you need to potter your investments.   You may not realize how much can be affected…including your led lighting, furnace, and home theater and computers, mobile devices etc

Some things to look for in
a whole house surge protector

Video on how to install

Note you need two beakers available, and if you are not verified, consult an electrician.  It also doors not replace individual surge protectors for sensitive equipment that may share a breaker with other items that cause overvoltage, such as lighting or motors.

Can’t find the clamping voltage listed, this product looks promising.  less than $150

Amazing accurate rending of a Black Hole surprises scientists and Hollywood alike!

Here is a read that should intrigue pretty much anyone:  in the pursuit of accuracy for a upcoming movie, amazing things were discovered leading to new understanding of black holes as well as an amazing upcoming movie:Interstellar.  Check out the article from wired magazine and check out the video about the movie and it’s discovery.

image       image

Amazing Home Energy Saver

I recently bought a new home and I recalled an amazing site.  You get out of this what you put into it, but ultimately you will get, in order of return on investment, the best upgrades /repairs for your money to save energy.   I can’t understate how helpful this is for identifying and allowing you to decide how to save both money and energy usage in your home.   They have a quick set of questions, or you can dive into the full section, but expect to invest an hour of time or more depending on the complexity of your home.   See for yourself!


Tidal Energy

The turbine, known as “Deep Green” was developed by a privately-owned Swedish/UK company, Minesto, and is intended to be tethered 100 meters above the sea bottom. It has a wingspan of 12 meters and a turbine one meter in diameter. The “kite” comprises a wing with a rudder to steer the turbine to face in the direction that will allow it to capture the maximum amount of tidal energy, and generate up to 500 kW of electricity. The kite flies in a figure eight and travels 10 times faster than the water it is tethered in.

Tales of Nuclear Safety

Back in December 2007, the main nuclear reactor that supplies the majority of the worlds supply of cobalt-60 and almost half of the world’s supply of Tech-99 had to be shut down.  This create a shortage of diagnostic and therapeutic nuclear medicine.  Apparently the Canadian government saw this possibility and started creation of two new reactors as backups; however, these had to be essentially scraped due to a miscalculation of the power coefficient of reactivity (PCR.)   A negative PCR means as the reaction increases, the design of the reactor is such that the reaction will slow down in a negative feedback loop.  The only problem was when they started tests, it actually had a positive reaction, meaning it would continue to build unless other safety measures were enabled (inserting rods for example to slow the reaction.)  Since the negative PCR was part of the safety spec, it was not allowed to continue. 


It’s an interesting read:

Flexible Solar Cells Generate Electricity at the Same Cost as Coal

Nanosolar has a manufacturing facility churning out flexible solar cells on aluminum foil.  They claim they could produce electricity at five to six cents per kilowatt hour, which is 3-4 times less expensive than current methods.  This brings solar cells electricity generation down to the same cost as coal.    Now why hasn’t this gotten the attention of the US government..?







Elusive Yellow LED with Reasonable Efficiency Developed

This may not sound impressive, but it’s a step towards having LEDs used for blinkers on cars, yellow on stop lights, and other consumer products such as lower-cost LCD devices. 

“A nitride phosphor with peak emission at 590 nm in the form of a dense ceramic – Lumiramic is attached to a highly efficient blue emitting InGaN diode, so that full conversion of blue light is achieved. A total External Quantum Efficiency (amber photons per electron) of 32% has been reached, resulting in a 300% improvement over the best direct AlGaInP LED”

NASA Conducts Full-Scale test of Vx-200 Plasma Engine

image A first of it’s kind, the superconducting plasma drive underwent successful initial tests.  In about a week a full-output test will be conducted.  This new engine will provide enough power to go on deep-space missions and at a fraction of the payload. 


A cool video :

Interplanetary Internet goes Live

imageThe international Space Station is the first hop / node in space to use the new Interplanetary Internet.  This first iteration has certain hours that it can be used, so it still has some growth, but at least it’s the first step in expanding out reach.  It uses Delay-Tolerant-Networking (DTN) to send the data instead of our standard TCP/IP, since it’s likely there data will come in waves and perhaps out of order.    The main difference with DTN is the node will store all information it receives until it finds another node to send the data.   The reason for this is a NAK (not acknowledged) message could delay transmissions for days, so a new method was needed.

Impressive Electric Car coming soon: Tesla’s Model S


  Finally, a all-electric vehicle with a 300 mile range, 0-6 in 5.6 seconds,electronically limited to 125-MPH and 45 minute quick-charge and seats 5 adults?   It won’t be available in the U.S. for a couple of years, but it sure had caught my attention.  This car as the ability to be used for daily life, get 2x the efficient as a hybrid, and do so with so much cargo room it’s insane.  Check out the Tesla site here:  and Pcauthority has a interesting write up as well:,motor-tech-teslas-upgrade-to-right-hand-drive-evokes-exotic-electric-car-future.aspx





F1 Racing Gets a Green Boost.. Perhaps at a Risk

Bosch KERS flyweelThis year F1 racing will be even more exciting to watch with the new energy recovery systems – KERS.  The cars will have one of two methods of storing braking energy and provide that power on-demand via a boost button on the cars.  It’s generating a lot of controversy over safety; time will tell.  Read more here:

See a video of the fly-wheel design here:


Also check out this blog entry:

1000-Fold increase in Resolution Possible for MRI (NMR)

image It’s still being investigated, but researches have found a way to increase the resolution of MRIs 1000-fold.   The good news is the MRI scanners would be able to use this without hardware modifications.  Read more here:

Worlds Most Powerful Laser…

image “ Physicists are on the verge of demonstrating perhaps the ultimate application of the laser: creating nuclear fusion in the lab.

Later today the US Department of Energy will give official clearance for experiments to begin at the the $4bn National Ignition Facility (NIF) “