I’ve been using computers for over three decades and I’ve watched the internet grow since the days before DNS. I’ve avoided blogging for some time, but decided it was time.  My goal is to post interesting things I find in life and on the internet.  My goal is to explore many facits and hoepfully you will enjoy learning about computers to sound to photography. I try and keep a fresh look – although I have help: the two best daughters in the world and my wife!

3 thoughts on “About

  1. Hey Rob,

    Bill from fpweb.net I too have put off blogging and considering giving wordpress a try. Anyway, looks like your having fun with photography. The Perform Photography site looks good. ~ Bill

  2. Hey,

    Where are you located? Are we related? There are not too many Presson’s around, and I ran across this website. Just curious. My family is all from North and South Carolina and Virginia, but originally from England and Scotland.


    Gina Presson to ss, no t

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