I don’t know if this is publicly announced yet, but coming soon to a St. Louis Brad company near you is the jalapeños bagel.  Why is this so kick arse?  Have you ever tried their breakfast egg, white cheddar, and ham on a jalapeños bagel?  You haven’t lived, sir or madam.. 

Trust me, ask if they have it, and ask them to make you this one if a kind taste.

Reply back, and tell me if it isn’t the best thing since the bread tie was invented.

In all it’s glory:


Google Earth PRO for free ! get your key while you can!

Most of the major news agencies use Google earth whenever there is a conflict or a disaster.  Next time you watch the news, look for the zoom from a wide shot down to a city, town, or street.   If you notice in the corner, you will typically see “Google earth” watermark on the images.  Now you too can do your own amazing videos to show your vacation spots!  


Check it out here:Google Earth PRO for free



Tidal Energy

The turbine, known as “Deep Green” was developed by a privately-owned Swedish/UK company, Minesto, and is intended to be tethered 100 meters above the sea bottom. It has a wingspan of 12 meters and a turbine one meter in diameter. The “kite” comprises a wing with a rudder to steer the turbine to face in the direction that will allow it to capture the maximum amount of tidal energy, and generate up to 500 kW of electricity. The kite flies in a figure eight and travels 10 times faster than the water it is tethered in.

Potential solution to Oil Disaster in Gulf?

There’s a potential solution to the Gulf oil spill that neither BP, nor the federal government, nor anyone — save a couple intuitive engineers — seems willing to try. As The Politics Blog reported on Tuesday in an interview with former Shell Oil president John Hofmeister, the untapped solution involves using empty supertankers to suck the spill off the surface, treat and discharge the contaminated water, and either salvage or destroy the slick.
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Majority of Wireless Microphones will become Illegal to Use..

Due to the spectrum reshuffle from switching television to digital broadcasts, a large section of wireless microphones used in houses of worship, clubs, and schools will become illegal to use after Jun 12, 2010.  Specifically microphones that use 698MHz through 806Mhz are what will no longer be allowed. Many of the top-of-the-line microphones can be programmed to use frequencies below 698MHz, but these systems typically are $1000 and above in cost.    Two manufactures are offering trade-in-rebates to help defer the cost of the change.  The biggest problem with this is actually getting the word out to the owners of these systems, since it’s not tracked.   So think about your community who may use them and ask if they are aware of the upcoming change.

30 Meter Telescope Dwarfs Them all


“The enormous Thirty Meter Telescope, with a primary mirror the size of a blue whale, is part of a new generation of super powerful ground-based telescopes. Scheduled for completion in 2018, it will have nine times the collecting power of the Keck telescopes and 12 times the resolution of the Hubble Space Telescope. From its recently selected location atop the volcanic dome of Mauna Kea in Hawaii, the pioneering telescope will provide an extremely detailed look at the universe.”

TechNet Direct – Get most Microsoft Software for Cheap

image Yes this is legal.  Yes it is a good deal:  for example: get Windows 7 Ultimate, Server 2008 R2, Sql Server, Microsoft Office Ultimate 2007, etc for $349 – 28%  of the cost using this code: TMSAM07   so the total cost is $251.28.  If you already have TechNet Direct, use the code to renew, and pay only $179.28 plus tax. $186.86 for me) 

People: this is good for ~10 copies of Windows 7 Ultimate, plus 10 copies of Office 2007 Ultimate.  all for HALF the cost of one retail copy of Windows 7.


go to  and upgrade all your systems cheap.  Hurry, these codes don’t last long..



Flexible Solar Cells Generate Electricity at the Same Cost as Coal

Nanosolar has a manufacturing facility churning out flexible solar cells on aluminum foil.  They claim they could produce electricity at five to six cents per kilowatt hour, which is 3-4 times less expensive than current methods.  This brings solar cells electricity generation down to the same cost as coal.    Now why hasn’t this gotten the attention of the US government..?







New Hope for Migraine Sufferers? All you need is a forehead lift

"Nearly one out of four households, including 18 percent of women, suffer from migraines and many patients are not only eager, but desperate to stop the pain," said ASPS Member Surgeon and study author Bahman Guyuron, MD, professor and chairman, department of plastic surgery, University Hospitals Case Medical Center. "In this study, we’ve shown that surgical treatment of migraine headaches is safe, effective, and that this reasonably short operation can have a colossal impact on the patients’ quality of life – all while eliminating signs of aging for some patients, too."

Calorie – Measuring method can be off +10% to –25% or more

Apparently new research suggests factors such as the softness of a food can have a significant impact on the ability of the body to convert the stored energy.  For example, two sets of rats fed the exact same calorie content, but one set was fed hard food, the other soft.  The rats receiving the softer food were significantly overweight compared do the other group.  Check out this fantastic read if you are watching what you eat:

Potential cure for Macular Degeneration (AMD)

Eye examination  Interesting break-though folks.  Now if they could only find an easy way to reverse hair loss……. “ Millions of people could have their eyesight saved thanks to ground-breaking laser treatment that has the potential to eradicate the most common cause of blindness.  One of Britain’s leading eye experts has developed a technique to reverse the disabling effects of age-related macular degeneration(AMD), which leaves many older people unable to read, drive or live independently, and eventually robs them of sight in one or both eyes.”

Unemployment jumps to 9.5%, for a Total of 16.5% are Unemployed. 1 in 5 Americans..

It seems hard to conceive, but ultimately 1 in 5 Americans are without a job.  The 9.5% figure quoted for April does not include people who have previously/recently lost their jobs as well.  If you measure the number of people who were previously working, or were forced to go to part time work, that rate jumps to 1.5.