St.Louis Adult Easter Egg Hunt – Fun or Epic Fail?

Summary details they DON’T tell you upfront:

  • 2.7 mile walk – and that is only if you also know
  • The eggs are all at the FAR south end of the loop
  • Unless you are looking for the “golden eggs” with $50 / $100 in them (i heard of only one found on a trash can) walk the path only.  don’t bother with the woods or anything else
  • When you arrive, enter at the NORTH WEST end of the park.  GPS will take you to dead ends and it will take you another 20 minutes to figure out how to get there
  • Eggs have numbers on them.  you get to pick up ten only
  • when you return, you have to fight through lines to see if the numbers are winners
  • winning numbers you get to pick off a table of cleaning products, ketchup, coolie cups, envelops (mine were 15% off massage at xxx)
  • Apparently you can win grills, alcohol etc.  but we saw nothing of the sort
  • The only thing “adult” about it is they have liquor for sale, and you have to walk 3 miles in the dark, 5+ if you don’t know the above things also..

The path is the blue and red lines combined :



For many years, Jefferson Barracks have put on an adult egg hunt.   I have heard of it, but never knew anyone who went.  I decided to give it try this year, and although there are folks who swear it is a great time, I felt it seriously lacking.  It almost seems deliberate they don’t post some of the specifics on how it works.  Basically, you go to the starting area, trade your $8 tickets for new tickets, you are left to a 2.7  miles (Felt like 6 in the dark after going in circles)

After an hour of looking hopelessly, I decided I needed group/hive help.  Out of approximately 100 people I asked, no one knew how to find the eggs.  An hour into it, i finally found someone with eggs and they explained the items listed above.

We arrived late – the address on the website on my GPS took me to a closed road. After finding the place, the big group had left. we received red tickets and was sent off to hunt. We wandered for an hour around looking for eggs, and we and dozens of others never found any eggs. We finally found someone who had eggs, and found out you had to walk about 3-5 miles to It took us another hour to find the eggs, grab a few with numbers, to return to a huge crowd trying to get to a table of winning numbers. never found any golden eggs (with $50/100 in them apparently?) we pushed our ways in to check the eggs, we had a couple. you got to choose your winnings from a table of soaps, ketchup, 15% off coupons for massage, and a bunch of dfdsd from a dollar store. (part 1 of 2)

I am nearly disabled and the walk nearly killed me physically. there was a tent selling alcohol, that was the only thing ADULT about it.


Bottom line: this was a complete waste of an evening. Had there been something upfront on their website about having to walk the entire loop I would have known not to go.  The group that puts this on needs to explicitly state on their webpage this is a 3+ mile walk and be clear about the park entrance and NOT to use Google maps / GPS.


some views of the park, which i would recommend going during the day.  It was a nice walk, i just wasn’t physically ready as I am recovering from injury.

Let me Find that for YOU!

I had a belly laugh today when I ran across this wonderful link.   How many times have you gotten an email or see a post online asking what is xxx?  or where do I find that?   So what I told you I had a professional photography site named perform photography and neglected to provide a link.  Would you post a comment asking where it is?  Well, here let me help you find it:


By the way, you can find my photo site here:\



Create Your Own Social Network – Ning

I stumbled upon Ning yesterday during my career search. Do you have a passion, profession or a hobby? There is most likely a group that shares your passion on Ning: or you can start your own in minutes without programming knowledge.  Check it out, or read more here:

Yoshimoto Cube – Transformation of two stellated rhombic dodecahedrons from a cube

Yoshimoto discovered this cube when he was searching for a way to divide a cube equally in three-dimensional space. The result is a peculiar polyhedral dyad consisting of eight interconnected cubes that can be opened in multiple ways. The cube can be divided into two cubes and then transformed into two rhombuses, one silver the other gold with twelve faces each. Great animation here:  Check out other Ployhedral toys here:

And for ~$50 buy one here:

Santa Sighting ..

img010On Saturday Dec 20th, 2008 my family and I were driving to the store to pick up some Christmas Gifts.  Then it happened; Santa was on his “sleigh” on Manchester Rd. He seemed to be having some problems with his beard, which made me wonder how Santa deals with this when he’s *really* going fast at night.  How could he possibly see?  I guess Rudolph takes care of getting Santa safely to each home.  Happy Holidays!  

Google Street View – Sampsonia Way

image Have you seen Google Street view?  In a nutshell, Google outfitted cars with special cameras to take photos of all major streets in many of the US cities.  It’s quite amazing idea, and already some businesses are using it to make their job easier / keep costs down.  My brother works for a large insurance company that used to send folks to accident sites to take photos of the area.  Now if they just need to see what the road or an intersection looks like, they simply pull it up on the street view of Google. 

A local neighborhood decided they wanted to do something special for the camera car when it visited.  Check out the “making of” video first:

Then go to the Street view from Google to see the results:,453.27181675734937,,0,8.89249651051198&cbll=40.456786,-80.012446&layer=c&ie=UTF8&panoid=lSBvKglurQAKmE49AlGQgA&ll=40.456785,-80.011722&spn=0,359.986095&z=17