Google Street View – Sampsonia Way

image Have you seen Google Street view?  In a nutshell, Google outfitted cars with special cameras to take photos of all major streets in many of the US cities.  It’s quite amazing idea, and already some businesses are using it to make their job easier / keep costs down.  My brother works for a large insurance company that used to send folks to accident sites to take photos of the area.  Now if they just need to see what the road or an intersection looks like, they simply pull it up on the street view of Google. 

A local neighborhood decided they wanted to do something special for the camera car when it visited.  Check out the “making of” video first:

Then go to the Street view from Google to see the results:,453.27181675734937,,0,8.89249651051198&cbll=40.456786,-80.012446&layer=c&ie=UTF8&panoid=lSBvKglurQAKmE49AlGQgA&ll=40.456785,-80.011722&spn=0,359.986095&z=17

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