Vista Firewall .. leaky defaults – and a better front-end

image Vista has a much improved built-in firewall.  I say much improved, but keep in mind Windows XP was practically a joke.  At least now you can choose to block all outgoing traffic and set rules to allow only programs YOU want to have access to the Internet.  This is important as some things you buy off the shelf contain code that “calls home” with information about your pc.  Sony has done it, TomTom and iPod have done it, albeit it might not have been intentional.  So what can you do?  Get a better firewall, or dive into the dirt of the admin console for Vista and waste a ton of time OR…..

If only there was a 3rd party utility to control Vista’s firewall.. Ah, wait…Check this freeware out!  Download the free non-beta version for Vista.  Basically it will pop-up when an application tries to connect outbound and you can then set a rule to allow or deny that program.  Very Zone-Alarm-ish.   Perfect.  😉 

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