Need a Lawyer?

On occasion folks ask me if I know a good lawyer.  Well, thankfully ever since a certain someone got a new vehicle and bumped a parked car without realizing – at least until an officer appeared at their front door talking something about hit-and-run… I’ve not needed to know of one.    Well, here are sites to find one for your needs. 

taken from…  BTW: On this page they have a great list of questions to ask the lawyer.

  • America Online (AOL) Anywhere Lawyer Directory URL: – Besides acting as an online aid to finding an attorney, this site also contains a link to answer questions that need to be asked by those seeking legal representation.
  • Martindale Hubbell Lawyer Locator URL: – This is the most frequently used lawyer directory on the internet.
  • URL: – This site also belongs to Martindale–Hubbell, but it differs from the preceding web site because it targets individuals and small business people. This site allows searches to be narrowed to those attorneys practicing a particular specialty in a given locality. It also has links to help a consumer determine whether they need a lawyer, how attorneys bill their clients and how much they charge as well as a list of questions to ask an attorney before you decide to retain them.
  • Chambers and Partners URL: – This organization’s home page has links that enable you to find evaluations of lawyers and law firms as to their legal skill in various areas of business and corporate law.
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