Best way to keep up-to-date with this Blog

RSS is a new method for “subscripting” to websites that sends you updates to a RSS reader. I’d suggest getting intraVnews since it hooks into Outlook if you use Outlook. If you don’t use Outlook, it’s possible to setup a google homepage or a hotmail homepage which support these feeds. If you prefer software that runs on your PC and you don’t use Outlook, check out this page for a list of readers.

Once you have the software installed, on ANY webpage that has an orange RSS box {note: wordpress apparently doesn’t follow this standard.. the link is under “meta” on the right side called RSS} click on that box/link and you will see the RSS feed. Copy the path in the “address” bar of your browser, and go to your RSS reader and paste the link. It will “subscribe” you to the website/blog. As updates are posted on a site, your RSS reader will see these changes when it check periodically, usually every 60 minutes. You’ll get what looks like an email with a portion of the information with a link to the whole page if it sounds worth reading further.

So what does this mean to you? You no longer have to remember to check the website frequently to see new posts / information. This is a great tool for all NEWS, Technical, etc websites. I can now “browse” instead of 2-3 websites a day to over 40, since I only click on links to new information that sounds interesting. It can be a little addictive, so be warned ;)

Give it a try. If you have questions, post a comment and I’ll see if I can help.


0 thoughts on “Best way to keep up-to-date with this Blog

  1. I still need to set this up. I sent Mom the blog url a while back, but hadn’t gotten back to it so I hadn’t read the house story and about Fred and Wilma until today. (when Mom described it to me, I thought they were the new owner’s ducks.) Hope all is well. We decided the “strong medicine” of St Joseph was working so well, we’d go rescue him, and now have him at our house. I figure he was working so well he not only enhanced the sale, but was a factor in getting the date moved up a week.

    You don’t say whether you reported the “access” issue to your broker, but (s)he should probably notify the buyer’s agent officially to be on the record.

    Don’t know whether you plan to use a keyless entry at the new place, but if so, you might want to change your old house code before closing/possession so you can tell them what it is, but keep the old code for the new house. Probably want to create a “how to change the code” document and leave it with the house.

    Hope you have a great holiday.

    I cconsidered going to hear the Compton Heights band last nite; they do the 1812 Overture complete with live civil war cannons every year; but decided it was going to be too hot/humid. They’ll be at Tower Grove park tonight with the same program beginning at 7:30 and I may just try to make that one. Did you ever go to hear it? Mike was tempted last nite also, but was too wiped out from the return trip from Ohio.

    I’m surprised the box on the RSS comment feed screen calls for “Mail” instead of “EMail”.

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