TechNet Direct – Get most Microsoft Software for Cheap

image Yes this is legal.  Yes it is a good deal:  for example: get Windows 7 Ultimate, Server 2008 R2, Sql Server, Microsoft Office Ultimate 2007, etc for $349 โ€“ 28%  of the cost using this code: TMSAM07   so the total cost is $251.28.  If you already have TechNet Direct, use the code to renew, and pay only $179.28 plus tax. $186.86 for me) 

People: this is good for ~10 copies of Windows 7 Ultimate, plus 10 copies of Office 2007 Ultimate.  all for HALF the cost of one retail copy of Windows 7.


go to  and upgrade all your systems cheap.  Hurry, these codes donโ€™t last long..



Free copies of Microsoft Server 2008, SQL Server 2008, and Visual Studio 2008!

imageRegister for the “Hero’s happen here” launch event, and Microsoft is giving away free  copies of Windows Server 2008, SQL Server 2008, and Visual Studio 2008! 

Find out if your City or Country is hosting an event quick!

I’m going for the launch event, but keep in mind you have another option to get everything CHEAP: a Technet Direct Plus subscriber, I get nearly all Microsoft software and beta including Server, Exchange, Sharepoint, Vista etc. for $250 a year.  The first year cost $350 , but in either case I get two free support calls per year, 10 licenses for nearly every product Microsoft offers.  Check out:

How does getting a legal copy of Microsoft Office Ultimate 2007 for $59.95 strike you?

imageOk, so you have to be a current student with an email address ending in .edu, and  be actively enrolled with at least a .5 course load,  but that’s over $500 off the price!  Expires April 30, 2008 Get it here:

Beginning of the end of HD DVD?

The rumor mill has been churning since the announcement that Warner Bros decided image to abandon HD-DVD and go with Blu-ray.  This goes straight in the face of the “adult” industry, who had picked the winning format in the past. Personally I think this format war is moot.  Purchasing digital data on a medium is an antiquated way of distributing content.  It wastes resources, costs too much to create which is passed onto the multiple touch points involved etc.  The bandwidth for the Internet may need a little boosting, but overall the delivery of content should be real-time and not rely on a trip to the store. 

I had many a discussion about ‘Why does Sony have to keep trying to make their own format that looses every time?’  It just stalled an already declining distribution mechanism and will not make the half-million owners of a potentially losing format very happy.  I decided a while ago to only get my HD content from the Air or my Satellite Provider, until a format was deemed the standard.  HD-DVD format providers are slashing prices and providing up to 8 free HD moves.   What should you do?  I’m waiting to see what’s next. 

Microsoft is giving Windows Vista away for FREE for your feedback..

Update: this is deadYou don’t see this everyday.. If you are dead-set to get Vista ( if you have XP don’t,) or want to upgrade to Ultimate here is your chance.  You will have to fill out surveys, but to me seems a small price to pay:

Black Friday Buying Guide for the US

Excel spreadsheet of all the sales this weekend.

Nothing like getting a Digg ๐Ÿ˜‰ If I may, please check out the rest of my blog, I sometimes post deals, but hey there’s some interesting stuff here ;p

EDIT: the document is being updated at this link now: Black Friday

found from FatWallet:

It’s time to Check Your Credit Report!

Every year you can get a free credit report from each of the three credit reporting agencies.   The easiest way to hit all three is to go to Annual Credit Report:  and fill out a simple form.  It’s worth it!

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I’M – an Interesting Spin on IM

Occasionally Microsoft amazes me.  Ok, perhaps less than often, but I encourage you to go to this site if you use MSN messenger/Live Messenger.  Basically whenever you start an IM conversation, a donation will be made to a charity of your choice.   It’s that simple.

Cheapest way to get Vista, Office 2007!

So you’re a geek who wants the latest software for all your pcs, but the cost is a bit much?

I finally took the plunge in a new offering by Microsoft.  The have had a Technet Plus subscription for some time, where you basically get all the software you want from Microsoft for a year, and you can keep whatever you installed during that time.  It was ~$650-700 for this, which is still cheaper than buying two Windows XP licenses and Office 2003.   you get media mailed to you monthly with all the latest.

Well now they offer Technet Plus Direct: you don’t get the media, but if you have broadband, you can download everything you want for $350.  You get 10 licenses of most software (windows Vista Ultimate, office 2007 premium, Server 2003  etc), plus two free incidents with Microsoft as a bonus.   It can’t be used “for production systems.”  You even get Microsoft Exchange, Sharepoint, etc.  It’s simply amazing.  And for those of you who say they can’t afford to buy vista and office 2007, think again.

Or you can attend the launch event to get a free copy of office 2007…