Thoughts about Microsoft Vista ….

I’ve been using Vista long enough to know that I like having the richer GUI experience, but overall I’m unimpressed with compatibility and performance problems – and a general lack of drivers for systems that are older than a few years.  I agree with the advice that home users should order systems with XP installed.  You must have the latest hardware to have an acceptable experience, at least based on my experiences with Vista.  Hopefully by the time Service Pack 2 is released most of these problems will be addressed, but SP1 is still in Beta.  

I found this humorous video about Vista, and it speaks a certain level of truth on the subject:

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A Blog about Blogging – and adding video content

I’ve avoided the whole Blogging scene for some time, but after reading RSS feeds from various folks I decided to jump onboard.   It really cuts down on time spent looking at various web sites.  Now I read hundreds of blogs. 

So I decided to put together the best of and post it here.  If you decided to do some blogging, I recommnd Windows Live writer, and an add-on preview Sc√łtt wrote that makes adding video contact a breeze.. Here is a screen shot of it in action.  You simply paste the video link and you’re done!

Check out the developer’s bog for more info: