Impressive Stepped Leader Lightning in Slow Motion

I enjoy watching lightning at night.  Our new house gives an amazing view of the sky, but so far I have not had many opportunities to watch.   Check out this slow motion video that includes a stepped leader creeping across the sky.  I once saw a similar display at an Ozzy Osbourne concert in Kansas city.  The band ended one of their songs right as the lightning display went over our heads.  It was incredible! 

Microsoft Research: World Wide Telescope

Wow.  This is impressive: Microsoft released a new “Google sky” killer..  This is something you DON’T want to miss!   It’s an interactive view of the sky like you have never experienced before.  It shows changes in real time, has amazing tours, and is easy to use.   Take it for a test drive and let me know what you think!

image image image

The Most Impressive Projector Ever Made..

image    How about a projector that is built into a R2-D2 unit, with a Millennium Falcon remote control?   Take a moment and see what obsession has done to to an incredible gadget. No Bull$hit. 

(thanks Lawrence for the heads-up!)

Large Binocular Telescope takes first photos

image A first-of-its-kind telescope shows off what it can do.  It’s dual mirrors are equivalent to a single 75 foot (22.8 meter) mirror.

“The images that this telescope will produce will be like none seen before. The power and clarity of this machine is in a class of its own. It will provide unmatched ability to peer into history, seeing the birth of the universe.”

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