Tidal Energy

The turbine, known as “Deep Green” was developed by a privately-owned Swedish/UK company, Minesto, and is intended to be tethered 100 meters above the sea bottom. It has a wingspan of 12 meters and a turbine one meter in diameter. The “kite” comprises a wing with a rudder to steer the turbine to face in the direction that will allow it to capture the maximum amount of tidal energy, and generate up to 500 kW of electricity. The kite flies in a figure eight and travels 10 times faster than the water it is tethered in.


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  1. Renewable energy in Australia reeprsents 5.2% of total energy consumption, but only 1.7% of total production, the difference being the result of significant non-renewable energy exports. In the five years to 2009 renewable energy consumption grew by 3.5%, faster than other energy sources. Of all renewable energy sources, hydro reeprsents 63.4%, wind 22.9%, bioenergy 11.5%. photovoltaic 2.1%, and other sources (such as wave and tidal, solar thermal, and geothermal) 0.042%. Note that these figures exclude a significant amount of energy saved through use of solar water heating units as they do not actually produce electricity; this is calculated separately to be 7.4% of clean energy production. Biogas had the fastest rate of growth in 2008-09 with around 33%, followed by solar and wind with 6.5%.In the year to October 2010 Australian electricity production was 251 TWh, with an estimated 21,751 GWh or 8.67% generated from renewables, and 91.33% from fossil fuels (note: this excludes a further approximately 1.6 GWh produced through solar water heating). This compares to 2006 figures, where approximately 9,500 GWh of electricity came from renewable sources, representing less than 4% of electricity consumption for that year.

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