100 Things Your Kids Will Never Know..


  • Inserting a VHS tape into a VCR to watch a movie or to record something.
  • Super-8 movies and cine film of all kinds.
  • High-speed dubbing.
  • The scream of a modem connecting.
  • The buzz of a dot-matrix printer
  • 5- and 3-inch floppies, Zip Discs and countless other forms of data storage.
  • Using jumpers to set IRQs
  • Finding out information from an encyclopedia.
  • Using a road atlas to get from A to B.
  • Doing bank business only when the bank is open
  • Rotary-dial telephones.
  • Pay phones.
  • Phones with actual bells in them.
  • Starbuck being a man.
  • Han shoots first.
  • Finding books in a card catalog at the library.
  • Spending your entire allowance at the arcade in the mall.”
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