Impressive Electric Car coming soon: Tesla’s Model S


  Finally, a all-electric vehicle with a 300 mile range, 0-6 in 5.6 seconds,electronically limited to 125-MPH and 45 minute quick-charge and seats 5 adults?   It won’t be available in the U.S. for a couple of years, but it sure had caught my attention.  This car as the ability to be used for daily life, get 2x the efficient as a hybrid, and do so with so much cargo room it’s insane.  Check out the Tesla site here:  and Pcauthority has a interesting write up as well:,motor-tech-teslas-upgrade-to-right-hand-drive-evokes-exotic-electric-car-future.aspx





1 thought on “Impressive Electric Car coming soon: Tesla’s Model S

  1. Website says seats 5 adults AND 2 children!

    Base price $49,900. Out of my league (pending the next lottery results) but I’ve been watching Tesla for a while. Technology breakthroughs are likely to make electric the long-term solution.

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