Extreme Protests after Election Tehran

Protesters are taking over the streets of Tehran after Ahmedinejad was declared winner of yesterday’s election.  His rival candidate was expected to win by a 2:1 majority, and is mostly responsible for an 80% increase in record turnout.  The public is taking to the streets in a big way…
Public phone and SMS networks between Tehran and the rest of the world have been cut off, at the same time opposition political leaders started getting arrested.  Western news agencies have had their equipment seized and are resulting to cell phones and twitter to try and get information out.  I find this video from a few hours ago both scary and hopeful at the same time.  You can clearly see the Iranian police and Military Guard running away from the approacing crowd, before long the street is full of protestors.  I believe I read (no verification) that they are chanting ‘death to the dictator’…I hope when the dust settles things over there are better instead of worse off:

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