The Vocal People

You got to hear this to believe it.  I DO hear a delay at the very end (the intro says no effects) and I don’t see any mouth movement, but heck it’s pretty darn good anyway.

Tracklist: 1. Johann Sebastian Bach – Toccata and Fugue in D minor 2. Hallelujah 3. The Entertainer 4. Mr. Sandman 5. Glen Miller – In The Mood 6. Elvis Presley – Tutti Frutti 7. Beach Boys – I Get Around 8. Doobie Brothers – Long Train Runnin’ 9. Madonna – Holiday 10. Michael Jackson – Billie Jean 11. Eurythmics – Sweet Dreams 12. Nirvana – Smells like teen spirit 13. Spice Girls – If you wanna be my lover 14. Los Del Rio – La Macarena 15. Rednex – Cotton Eyed Joe 16. Britney Spears – Hit Me Baby One More Time 17. Baha Men – Who Let the Dogs Out? 18. C+C Music Factory – Gonna Make You Sweet (Everybody Dance Now) 19. Will Smith – Switch 20. Madagascar 5 vs. KK Project – I Like To Move It

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