Sprint severs peering with Cogent – Tens of Thousands of Users Affected

Amazing! At 3:00pm Central Sprint broke legal agreement with Cogent and severed their peering. Folks on Sprint network are unable to get to Cogent IPs, and Cogent folks are unable to get to Sprint. Apparently talks broken down, and Spring is playing hard-ball.

You can see the outage clearly here: http://internetpulse.net/

Read more here:http://www.marketwatch.com/news/story/Sprint-Nextel-Severs-Its-Internet/story.aspx?guid=%7B2971C78E-2F27-4B28-8878-F750FEA999C3%7D

4 thoughts on “Sprint severs peering with Cogent – Tens of Thousands of Users Affected

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  2. I totalyl agree. Rumor-mill is saying Cogent was unable to get a peering with a provider, and instead was routing through Sprint’s peering since they had a peering agreement with this providor. The bottom line is Sprint did do this without any notice to it’s customers, and they have refused to provide any assistance.

  3. I can’t believe sprint would do such a thing. This is affecting so many businesses. Thanks for the post and letting us Sprint/Cogent customers know what is going on. 🙂

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