Want to Avoid Heart Disease? Brush your Teeth

For some strange reason, the thoughtimage occurred to me that brushing your teeth might actually help your heart.  Perhaps it’s because plaque is both the build-up in blood cells as well as on your teeth.  Well, now two scientific studies have linked bad teeth care and a higher risk of heart disease.  I recommend getting a tongue scraper as well, they really work.   http://www.physorg.com/news140292034.html

2 thoughts on “Want to Avoid Heart Disease? Brush your Teeth

  1. I remember reading that there was a possible link between heart disease and dental caries-causing bacteria at least a decade ago, it came out at around the same time H pylori and stomach ulcers finally went mainstream.

    In what sense does a tongue scraper “really work”? To scrape your tongue, certainly, but to what advantage?

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