Impressive Stepped Leader Lightning in Slow Motion

I enjoy watching lightning at night.  Our new house gives an amazing view of the sky, but so far I have not had many opportunities to watch.   Check out this slow motion video that includes a stepped leader creeping across the sky.  I once saw a similar display at an Ozzy Osbourne concert in Kansas city.  The band ended one of their songs right as the lightning display went over our heads.  It was incredible! 

2 thoughts on “Impressive Stepped Leader Lightning in Slow Motion

  1. I don’t know for sure. I honestly believe this isn’t a special high-speed camera myself, as the picture doesn’t have that low-contrast look, and based on my own sighting of an event. I would think a 60-120fps camera would do fine.

  2. Very powerful images. Anyone have any idea what the camera speed is? some of the comments appear to indicate it’s way beyond popular photography capability.

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