President Bush Pardon’s Self Against Possible Warcrimes

This is too incredible to miss.  recent bill has buried a provision to pardon President Bush and his administration of any possible crimes relating mistreatment of detainees going back to 2001. These crimes are in some cases punishable by death.   This is simply insane.  I for one can’t wait for our next president.  I have my pick, but overall EITHER candidate would be better than what we have now.

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1 thought on “President Bush Pardon’s Self Against Possible Warcrimes

  1. Insane? Absolutely! Predictable? Yeah… unfortunately. This is what you get when the man in office believes our Constitution is just a “worthless piece of paper”.

    If you look carefully, laws are being passed at an alarming rate, stripping us of our individual rights and freedoms, and systematically dismantling the Constitution.

    One good example is the recent Supreme Court “re-affirmation” of our right to keep and bear arms. The mass media was so busy interviewing local gun dealers who heralded it as “a great day for freedom” and so forth, they didn’t bother to read the details of the 6+ page long court decision. Essentially, they took what was an absolute right, and added all manner of qualifications and restrictions to it. (EG. It’s now illegal to own a gun in one’s home, if one lives more than so many hundred feet from a school zone! Bet the founding fathers weren’t planning on THAT one!) Not only that, but the decision was reached 5 to 4 (with most of the “Conservative” judges voting against upholding the right of the individual to own a gun). In my mind, it’s pretty scary when 4 of our Supreme Court justices don’t even believe the 2nd. amendment was referring to anything other than a need for a state militia! That just flies in the face of history and reality, whether one is a “gun control advocate” or not.

    The retroactive immunity for the telcos spying on American citizens is another example of Bush assuming he can act as Ssupreme dictator, answering to no law that might be in his way. (And if you dig more deeply into the details in the FISA legislation …. wow. Just amazing and scary how that went down.) Oh, and BTW, this also makes me question Obama’s true motives. After he claimed to take a strong stance against telcom immunity, he went ahead and voted for it anyway! Inexcusable, in my opinion, despite his claim that “it contained SOME parts he was in agreement with, so he thought it did more good than harm to vote for it”. That’s NOT how you handle legislation in a climate where ANYTHING can be hung on the end of a bill to sneak it through.

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