New targeted Cancer Therapy Method

A promising new cancer treatment that may one day replace radiation and chemotherapy is edging closer to human trials.

Kanzius RF therapy attaches microscopic nanoparticles to cancer cells and then “cooks” tumors inside the body with harmless radio waves.

Based on technology developed by Pennsylvania inventor John Kanzius, a retired radio and TV engineer, the treatment has proven 100 percent effective at killing cancer cells while leaving neighboring healthy cells unharmed. It is currently being tested at M.D. Anderson Cancer Center in Houston.

“I don’t want to give people false hope,” said Dr. Steve Curley, the professor leading the tests, “but this has the potential to treat a wide variety of cancers.”

1 thought on “New targeted Cancer Therapy Method

  1. Isn’t this cool and fascinating?!!! It, and he, were featured on 60 Minutes Sunday. The segment can be viewed and there is more info about Kanzius and the device on 60 Minutes online. This is highly intriguing and appears to shows EXTreme promise. We are watching it with interest (and hope). Thanks for including it. oxoxo

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