Lunar Eclipse photos

I stood up to the 10 degree weather last night and took a few shots of the moon during the eclipse last night.  See all the shots on my Smugmug, but here are a few if you missed it.  The next one will be December 10, 2010. These shots were taken with my Canon 40D with an old 70-300 lens I had available.  I love seeing the golden color from our atmosphere bounce off the moon 😉

image image image image

2 thoughts on “Lunar Eclipse photos

  1. Nice pix. I missed it myself, so appreciate the shots. I’ll just have to catch the next one. Wonder if anyone has a “time-lapse” video? current cameras can do lots of tricks…

  2. WOW, it was worth the effort. Here in West Texas, the clouds cleared just as the eclipse was starting, the sky has never been so brilliant. It was almost shirt sleeve weather. I had my phone out there, calling, everyone I could think of to tell them to get out and take a look. What a night, what a sight. Thank you Lord! Also thank you for posting the pictures, they were great. Rita

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