Get your rebate for your non-HD TV converter

Yes, a year from Feb 17 in the U.S. analogue over-the-air TV will no longer be image available.  Your current TV’s will no longer be able to get over-the-air channels without a digital to analogue converter.  The government is providing up to two rebates worth up to $40 to offset the cost of the converter boxes.  Keep in mind, that the rebates are only good for 90 days, so if you order them make sure you buy the converters.  I haven’t seen the converters yet, it will be interesting to see what America’s reaction will be next year.

EDIT: the Link was not visable, my apoligies!

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6 thoughts on “Get your rebate for your non-HD TV converter

  1. Does anyone have an extra non expired $40 TV converter coupon? Both of my couipons expired; I returned them to and they will not reissue me 1 coupon. I never used mine.

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