Beginning of the end of HD DVD?

The rumor mill has been churning since the announcement that Warner Bros decided image to abandon HD-DVD and go with Blu-ray.  This goes straight in the face of the “adult” industry, who had picked the winning format in the past. Personally I think this format war is moot.  Purchasing digital data on a medium is an antiquated way of distributing content.  It wastes resources, costs too much to create which is passed onto the multiple touch points involved etc.  The bandwidth for the Internet may need a little boosting, but overall the delivery of content should be real-time and not rely on a trip to the store. 

I had many a discussion about ‘Why does Sony have to keep trying to make their own format that looses every time?’  It just stalled an already declining distribution mechanism and will not make the half-million owners of a potentially losing format very happy.  I decided a while ago to only get my HD content from the Air or my Satellite Provider, until a format was deemed the standard.  HD-DVD format providers are slashing prices and providing up to 8 free HD moves.   What should you do?  I’m waiting to see what’s next. 

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