Credit Freeze available for Identify Theft Victims

Two years ago I lost my wallet at a pre-game celebration for the St.Louis Cardinals.  I was with a group of friends, and someone else picked up the tab, so I didn’t notice it was missing until I returned to my car.  After a failed attempt to find it, I gave the manager of the business my business card.  I called the credit bureaus and asked for a hold, which cost me nothing. At the time the hold was for 6 months.  Thankfully no one tried to use my credit cards, but remembering what was in my wallet was difficult.  I had the foresight to made copies of everything I had in case this happened, but I had two new cards that I nearly forgot about.  (Note to self: whenever adding a new card, update my list of cards carried.)

Apparently now for a fee (gee thanks!), you can now put a freeze on credit reports to prevent thieves from opening new lines of credit under your name.  They also charge to thaw your account, which the fees are different depending on the laws of your state.  Identity theft victims can freeze for free in most states, but still have to pay to thaw.  To me, I think it’s insane that a consumer would have to pay to freeze/thaw your own credit report, but at least now there is a official tool to fight thieves.

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