Favorite Words

Fun site with folk’s favorite English words. http://www.myfavoriteword.com/

here’s one: Frivolous.

The word has a lovely sense of motion as you say it — picking up speed towards the end as if it hadn’t the time to stick around.

I know this word often has a negative connotation as light-minded or something to be disregarded, but to me it means all of the little things/experiences in life that stay as little memories to be savored. I won’t remember the sales figures from this month by the end of the week – but I will remember the time we diverted to go see the world’s largest ball of twine just to take a funny photo, or the time we all took a long lunch to go shopping for vintage handbags.

Some of the best family or couple times are full of the frivolous — and I pity the person who hasn’t enough of this commodity in their lives!

Aislina Graham

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