Google at it again – fix Google Map Errors…

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It doesn’t happen often, but it happens enough that I wished there was a way to image“fix” where Google maps shows an address.  It’s usually a Business that it misses.   They now have a link where you can update the pointer yourself.  If you ever run into something that’s wrong, do us all a favor and fix it!

Here is a direct link to check your address:

8 thoughts on “Google at it again – fix Google Map Errors…

  1. Dear google,
    Ref: Map road incorrectly listed (named)

    Our family in Rochelle, GA were told by visiting friends that the family’s longstanding address recently googled as a different and incorrect street name on your “google maps”. The road was named after family years ago and needless to say upon hearing this error they were somewhat upset to find the road no longer appeared correctly on your maps site. Please research & correct at your earliest convenance so that we may notify our relatives of the correction. Currently listed WRONG as Reeves Farm Road in Rochelle, GA…CORRECT name should be R. Smith Road. You may also verify the existing address at 1986 R. Smith Road. Prior to notifing you, we verified the correct name of the road in question with our County Commissioners Office (Wilcox County, Georgia)and they confirmed the road as registered and named “R. Smith Road”. You may reach our family directly at the address listed as well as
    229-365-0069 or 229-325-3692.
    Thank you for your attention in this matter and we look forward to hearing from you shortly.
    Debbie Smith

  2. There is NO CONNECTION between Cross Creek Lane and Canyon Rd Escondido CA 92025
    So many have been driving for hours and not been able to find Cross Creek Lane

  3. A placemark name in South Korea is of questionable accuracy. It is a bridge at 37 deg 56′ 52.08″ N, 126 deg 49′ 57.36″ E. The placemark names it “Libby Bridge” The correct name (at least as it was known in 1956) is “Liberty Bridge”. It was built at the end of the Korean War, perhaps 1953-54, designed and constructed as well as any bridge in the United States. Remarkable, for the time and place. It is a companion of sorts to the Freedom Bridge, an older railroad/vehicle bridge about 10 miles downstream.

  4. Most images are 2-3 years old, so that’s normal. I think there might be some confusion about the purpose. Google maps provides the features and attempts to find things by address. Frequently it’s wrong as you have both mentioned. This link allows you, the user, to “fix” it when it’s wrong.

  5. Please note that the name of the road at 51deg43min57.80secN 2deg38min47.21secW @ St Briavels, Gloucestershire, England is marked on your map as “Chickadee” for some unknown reason, its real name is Cockshoot Hill

  6. You complain about business addresses. The pointer works in the States, New Zealand and one other country. In South Africa entire national routes are wrongly noted. The Wilge Toll Plaza near Villiers is shown at 27,02,25.69S; 28,37,35.09E. However, the Highveld Toll Route is marked some 1 mile South-West of the real N3, starting in the town! Just South-East of Heidelberg (not Heidelburg), a little to the North of this, the kinky old route of the N3 is marked in yellow. The straight double lane to the East of that is now the real tolled N3. This work was finished at least 16 years ago.

    Hometown. At 26,07,37.41S; 27,54,31.23E where Christiaan de Wet and Hendrik Potgieter cross, the former is shown aa a dustbowl of contruction. Likewise the Clearwater Mall to the West of De Wet. This work was finished about 2-3 years ago.

    The biggest Buddha statue in the world, somewhere in the East has no vertical resolution to it. Likewise houses, high rises and HF radio broadcast towers in Johannesburg, RSA. One can also only go down to about 1.6 km height before everything becomes indistinguishable. Oh yes, Johannesburg city centre is noted 3.76 miles north of where it should be.

    I doubt that you can seriously call this a 3D representation of
    Earth. Or am I missing something? Changed settings. Same effect.

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