Eating Healthy.. Or are you?

Lately I’ve been focusing more on my health than ever before.  I’ve neglected to take care of my body and in the process gained a lot of weight, and had several other unhealthy habits.  I quit smoking, started exercising, and I make better choices when I eat.  I don’t diet, but am “in training” on how to live and eat better.  I do what I always do: I arm myself with information.  It comes down to making better choices.

I may not be able to avoid going to fast food to eat, as my kids love McDonalds.  Apparently with all the advertising McDonalds does anything they put into their bags tastes better.  I choose not to eat the french-fries.  I’ll get a sandwich but I will throw away the bottom bun, cut the sandwich in two, and reassemble it – making a double hamburger out of a single – and using the other half for a bottom bun.  It’s still not a veggie tray, but at least I saved 380 calories from the fries, and maybe another 60-80 from the bun.  I drink tea or “treat” myself to a diet soda, saving another 210 calories.  In total, I saved 650 calories – a whole meals worth!  Do I do this every time? No, but the more I do the better my weight becomes.   Instead of tracking calories or points I measure the result of my previous day’s choices by a morning weight check and I write it down.  It’s a gauge for my choices.  Is this the best way?  Not if you want to diet / lose weight fast, but I think it’s a better long term solution, don’t you?

Along these lines, I ran across an article that describes some common “health” foods, and why they might not be all that healthy.  For example: Granola Bars – although the whole oats are good, they are glued together with ingredients like high-fructose corn syrup, honey, and barley malt.

It’s worth a read:

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