Asthma Suffers – Some thoughts

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Since my early years, I’ve dealt with asthma – sometimes worse than others.  I’m lucky that I’ve never been hospitalized by it, but I’ve experienced a few times where I thought I would cease to be able to breathe. I was eventually able to regain control.    As I’ve aged I’ve had fewer problems, but there are still times when I depend heavily on my rescue inhaler.

I once saw a sign at the airport about a kid describing an asthma attach as being “like a fish out of water.”  It hit home.

The one thing that has helped me during an attack, is to try to regain control.  It’s a mental exercise that requires you to relax.  Stop breathing deeply; try to slow down the pace; and just breathe only as much as is comfortable, and after a short time, you will be able to take deeper and deeper breaths.  I would suggest getting a peak-flow meter to have a way to measure lung capacity.  If you suffer from Asthma, or know someone who does, check out this article:  There is a link to a You-Tube video that talks about the Buteyko method to help prevent attack.  Leave a comment about your experiences and thoughts.  What works for you?  what are your triggers?  Cold air, dust and a lot of exercise were my main triggers.

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