Compute Your Age

Your environemnt has everything to do with how old you will live. I ran across an interesting site that calculates your body’s age based on many factors. This site calculates my ages is 7 years younger than I am. That explains a lot! lol

2 thoughts on “Compute Your Age

  1. Not gonna do it, nope, you can’t make me.

    I’m gonna pretend I didn’t see this site. But maybe I’ll work on some of the things that can help.

    Interesting to see what the impact of total immersion on some of the questions (like, eats chocolate cake for breakfast, lunch, and dinner) is – how many years it “costs” to do what I’d like to do more of but know I need to do less of (or the other way around).

  2. hi there! I took that quiz and it said i was 24!!! ????!?!?
    I think I may have computed some things wrong…but,
    hey it made me feel good!!!

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