Remote Desktop Connection RDP 6.0 update – Not until When??!

The new RDP version won’t be getting an update until sp1 for Vista!  What a load of crap that the team is taking that long to address some serious issues.  Once it’s released I’ll let everyone know, if you don’t hear it first from another source. 

One feature it’s always missed is the re-connect after reboot: basically a way to tell the interface try pinging the box I’m connected to every 5-10 seconds, and once it’s accepting RDP again, go ahead and reconnect.  Another twist to this would be a simple ‘ping it’ box that would open a second window with a ping -t (which pings until you close the window.)  It’s a step I do frequently; having it built-in would be a major bonus.  Perhaps version 12 will have this feature?  We’ll see.   If you like the idea, send a link to this blog on their blog:

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