Windows Vista / RDP 6.0 stinks..but

.. there is hope on the horizon.  The new protocol used to remote control desktop has some new features that are needed for the upcoming Longhorn Server, but these features are making remote controlling into a PC from Vista a pain in the arse to use with current OSes.

Users are reporting all sorts of problems changes the team have made, but I have to give them credit, a beta will be released soon that addresses most of the problems reported.   More info to come..

3 thoughts on “Windows Vista / RDP 6.0 stinks..but

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  2. Ok so we have gotten so bad that we are going to “give them credit” for release something that doesn’t work. Unlike Apple that just announced it was delaying it new release of OS X until October because there are bugs that need to be fixed before it is release. So what I take from this is Apple puts quality above money and Microsoft does the opposite.

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