Technet Plus Direct subscription – Review

Recently I wrote about a cheap way to get all of Microsoft’s software that you might need if you have more than one computer, or want to run the latest OS / office.  If you decide to take the plunge, I’ve found their process is a bit confusing.  I ended up waiting three days longer than necessary, so here are some tips to speed up the process.    First go to the site to sign up  Click on your location under “directly from Microsoft.”  fill out the order, and in about two business days you will get an email with your code on the bottom.   Your code will be on the bottom of the email with leading zeros.  The trick is to omit the leading zeros and then link this with your passport off the link above. Look for “first time user.”  Within hours you will be burning Office 2007, Vista ultimate etc.  It’s nice not having hundreds of CDs to thumb through to find the English version of Sharepoint.  Thanks Microsoft for a reasonable way to afford your products! 

MICROSOFT - Microsoft TechNet Plus 2006 Single Server Renewal -C08-05063

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