I want a "tivo" for my car Radio!

Ok, a pet peeve here.  Why is it I can’t have a running buffer on my radio in my car?  how many times have said,”wait, what did they say?”    or you get a phone call and wish you could pause you favorite song?  How about Bluetooth enabled phones auto-pause the radio?  I don’t get it.  Does XM or Sirius even have this option?  It feels like we still have these in our cars (see below.)  And with HD-radio why don’t most new cars support this format? 

1 thought on “I want a "tivo" for my car Radio!

  1. If you get satellite radio I think you can get this. I am not sure I know you can record your shows you want to listen to but I don’t know if it is always record like a Tivo.

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