Update on quantum computer demo:

It’s only 16 qis (q-bits) and only provides polynomial time improvements. 


Some of my favorite comments from Slashdot:

“I come to warn you that there shall be a great outage.. go forth and build an array to save my creations. Make it 100 qubits long, 30 qubits wide, and 10 qubits deep. Into this hash all data in /usr/god/dataM/ .. and /usr/god/dataF/ “


“Immediately after booting, the Quantum Computer disappeared in a flash of light and noise. It resurfaced in 1985, where it briefly took over a Commodore 64 and corrected some mistakes it made the first time around, before moving onto a UNIVAC in 1955…”

1 thought on “Update on quantum computer demo:

  1. I guess 16 qbits means 64K simultaneous “solutions”. So with 128 qbits, the 128-bit key RSS encryption is broken. But what I wonder is, even if the machine can do it, how does a user select from the results to glean the “proper” solution? Only if a means is available to recognize the one, real, version out of the 2**16 or 2**128 possible outputs will this ability to “crack” be an issue.

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