Cheapest way to get Vista, Office 2007!

So you’re a geek who wants the latest software for all your pcs, but the cost is a bit much?

I finally took the plunge in a new offering by Microsoft.  The have had a Technet Plus subscription for some time, where you basically get all the software you want from Microsoft for a year, and you can keep whatever you installed during that time.  It was ~$650-700 for this, which is still cheaper than buying two Windows XP licenses and Office 2003.   you get media mailed to you monthly with all the latest.

Well now they offer Technet Plus Direct: you don’t get the media, but if you have broadband, you can download everything you want for $350.  You get 10 licenses of most software (windows Vista Ultimate, office 2007 premium, Server 2003  etc), plus two free incidents with Microsoft as a bonus.   It can’t be used “for production systems.”  You even get Microsoft Exchange, Sharepoint, etc.  It’s simply amazing.  And for those of you who say they can’t afford to buy vista and office 2007, think again.

Or you can attend the launch event to get a free copy of office 2007…

2 thoughts on “Cheapest way to get Vista, Office 2007!

  1. With the new Office (the 2007) design, look & feel, Microsoft have made a giant leap. True that it takes time to get use to the new ribbon and to get around quickly.. But once you are familiar with it, you rock!

    We do a lot of researches on the web, and using Excel macros,
    we have improved our research speed in 30%. That huge!!

    Using OneNote have improved our research information control (nothing get lost now) and with the sharing files abilities, now everyone can contribute to the project.

    So to summary it all, we are more then happy with the tools that comes in the Office 2007.
    We looking forward to the new one… 😉

    With the SP2 support for open source files,
    our CRM improved since we don’t have to “fight”
    with our clients anymore 🙂

    The 2007 was a great investment with benefits to us


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