Can’t decide what to eat for lunch?

I had to laugh out loud when I saw this site.  Enter your zip code and what you are looking for (food) and you will get a wheel of food to spin to help you decide where to eat.


Is that cool or what??  I did wonder why Petco made the list..

10 thoughts on “Can’t decide what to eat for lunch?

  1. Well, I will give you yesterday and today.

    First, I try like mad to hold out till 9AM before eating anything. Yesterday, I had a Med apple and a banana for breakfast at 9am.

    For lunch,at 11:30 AM I had homemade chicken salad sandwich (chicken meat, apples, grapes, fat free mayo, walnuts, raisins and celery) on two pieces of Whitewheat bread (300 calories total) I ate with it half of my carrots and grape tomatos with Kroger Fat free ranch dressing.

    At 1 PM I ate the rest of my carrots and tomatoes.

    AT 3 PM I hate half a pack of Lance Peanut butter and honey on Captains wafers.

    This got me through the day for less than 600 calories.

    At home I had Sloppy Joes on Whitewheat buns, and baked OreIda french fries.

    Snacks at home were WW Ice cream cup, and finishing off the homemade low-cal banana pudding.

    Today at work, I started with a large apple for breakfast at 9AM.

    For lunch was a Michelina lean dinner (blackened chicken alfredo with spinach) and a piece of Whitewheat bread (total 300 cal). and again, half of my carrots and grape tomatoes with fat free dressing.

    At 1 PM, again I had the rest of my carrots and tomatoes.

    At 3 pm, I finished my pack of crackers from yesterday.

    I cheated with half a portion of Baked Lays BBQ (leftovers from bringing in lunch for some vendors grr) and temptation overcame me. I have not added those to the log yet, but I will.

    Not sure on supper tonight yet, but I am still under 650 for the day, so no worries.

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