I was right all along! biweekly means..

The English language is fun in itself sometimes.  I recently got an email with a word I’ve not seen or heard: biyearly.  Ok is that every two years or twice a year?  well, at it turns out the answer is yes.  Same goes for bimonthly or biweekly.  It means both twice a week or every two weeks.


If you look at wordreference, they hint at better words to use:

fortnightly – meaning occurring every two weeks,

semiweekly – meaning twice a week.

Ok, so I had a 100% chance of getting it right, but now I have a crusade to squash the use of bi for time.  ;p

1 thought on “I was right all along! biweekly means..

  1. well, it may say so somewhere, but I find using semiweekly to mean twice a week distasteful (meaning it goes against all my understanding). Semi usually means less than (e.g., semiprecious), so it runs counter to “sense” if semiweekly is more frequently than weekly.

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