Lose Weight while you play video games!?

Ok, so the wii from Nintendo is getting a lot of attention lately.  This new game machine has wireless remotes that strap on your hands.  They have games, such as bowling, tennis, and boxing, where you actually move your arms through the motions.  Sounds like a good idea right?  Well some people, who I suspect are not tightening up their remotes, have been known for loosing grip of the remote and it flying into their TV causing damage.  Also, like any exercise people do, this is causing wii elbow.. meaning folks are getting sore from the experience.

Here is an experiment where a guy played 30 minutes a day and lost some weight in the process.  Is this paid advertising?  I’m not sure I care.  I think anything that could get me more active is a good thing – and this sure sounds like the most fun way to do it.  Although, there is no easy way to lose weight, I’m betting I might actually stick to this.  Stay tuned..

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