John Meyer and Sheryl Crow concert..

Pamela and I went to the first concert I’ve paid for in years.  Having worked in the business for years, it’s hard for me to actually pay to see a show, but after seeing John Mayer on Soundstage on PBS I was willing to pay the $35 a ticket to see John.  You can subscribe to Soundstage to get alerts on shows. 

We arrived right as doors opened and got a great place on the lawn in the center where we had a great view of the stage, and I hoped the sound would be the best.  I have to say, they’ve done a wonderful job upgrading the sound system.  I was impressed how crystal clear everything sounded, and you could still feel the kick drum in your chest.  I can’t say enough how impressed I was with John’s performance, he’s one of the best guitarists I’ve seen live and that’s saying something with all the shows I’ve seen.  The mix was flawless – I certainly would have been challenged to do as good a job.  John is also “good people”: he’s a modest intellectual who plays guitar like it is an extension of his soul.

Then Sheryl came on stage.  The mix was a little rough. The vocals were excruciatingly loud. I mean LOUD!  Frequently when she sang, it made my teeth grit from my built-in 120db alarm (my ears are sensitive to whenever a 1K-5KHz signal passes 118db – Pain.)  Not to mention her vocal was so much louder than the music –  I was unable to hear what the band was playing. We were treated to a song where John joined Sheryl for a song, and THAT was incredible, but the loud vocals ruined the overall experience.   It was the first time I left a concert early in my life.    By the time we left, the stringed instruments on stage were too loud too.  I know I could have mixed this one much better than it was, but alas all I could do was during a lull I screamed ” for the love of God please turn down the vocals.”   No one around me argued..

As I was walking to the car from the show, it occurred to me that I couldn’t imagine a professional sound person would ever mix that poorly unless they were told to do so by the talent.  I just doesn’t makes sense. If I can track down who mixed the show, they will be getting an email from me about it.  If I get a response I’ll post it here.


1 thought on “John Meyer and Sheryl Crow concert..

  1. “he’s a modest intellectual who plays guitar like it is an extension of his soul.”

    I’ve heard him on the radio and always thought this way too about his music. I’ve always thought He is the type of person who plays for the SOUND not the money…so to speak.
    I CANNOT believe you left early either!!! MAN she musta sucked for the loudness!!

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