A soda by any other name

Here’s a link I found interesting; it shows a map of what people call ‘soda’ for their area. I always ask for a coke, but I preface it with “do you have Coke or Pepsi?”

I’m not that found on Pepsi, the flavor seems flat to me; it’s simply not as enjoyable. I prefer the slight vanilla taste that Coke offers. Oh, and I recall being told my great-grandfather you to say, “Pepsi is only good for washing your feet.”

What do you ask for when you want a soda??

2 thoughts on “A soda by any other name

  1. Hey Rob,
    I have known for years the POP vs. SODA debate having half my relatives from Wisconsin (dad’s side)they all say POP and on another note had never even HEARD of HUSHPUPPIES till my mom mentioned them one night…anyway I myself have always said SODA and how CRUSHED I am that they say POP in the KANSAS CITY AREA!!!! AAAAAARGH!!!!
    I am DEFINATELY going to have culture shock!

  2. It’s fascinating to observe this phenomenon while traveling.

    Just had a discussion about this very topic in Ludington, Michigan. Don and I were paying for “fountain sodas” at a convenience store and the clerk said “Oh, it’s so nice to hear someone order them correctly. Everyone here says “pop.”

    To me “coke” is cola and my fav is Petsi (“no Coke, Petsi”).

    Lots of love, Juliereilly oxo

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