A laugh for you ..

The house is sold.  Now on to fixing my new home.  Ahh, the circle of repairs. 

 I finally bought a collapsible ladder at Sams club that telescopes to 17′ simiar to this one for $95. A bargan in my book.  The gutters really needed some attention.  Even though it’s not tall enough to reach everything, I was able to clean most of them.  I had the funniest thing happen to me (well, more like embarrassing..)  I just finished cleaning the first gutter.  It was hard to move fully open, so I opened the latch to let it down.  I thought I’d work smarter and let gravity would pull it down for me, and I would use my hand as a brake to slow it down.  As some of you might know I’ve been losing weight.. yes, you guessed it.. my pants fell down right as I was lowering it; it of course this distracted me as I stood in front of my house with my pants around my ankles. The ladder fell fast right on top of my foot.  No major damage, but I do have a damaged ego.


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