Soggy 4th

We went to the Chesterfield for the yearly dose of explosives.  It was Chesterfield’s first display, and I have to say other than getting soaked from the downpour prior to the show, it was one of the best show’s I’ve seen in a long time.  Traffic wasn’t bad at the end either, something I can’t say for a lot of other shows.  It seemed to last much longer than shows I’ve seen in the past (~35 minutes.)  Check it out next year if you’re ready for something new.

1 thought on “Soggy 4th

  1. Hey, Rob,

    We had dinner with your Mum last night and she told us about the Ballwin inspector
    jerking you guys around. Typical … we’ve heard story after story about Ballwin,
    including from Lyle who has to work with them often. Bottom line is that
    we are sorry you had to do yet more work on Geremma and especially that you had
    to give up yet another holiday .. enough already.

    She said the closing is scheduled for a week from Friday, so we shall continue
    to talk to St. Joseph until you have check in hand and know that it’s REALLY SOLD,
    although getting his attention is challenging when we are talking to his feet.

    Love, J & D

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