Public service: How to properly adjust your car mirrors…

One thing that surprises me when I drive other people’s cars is how their side mirrors are set.  1/2 of the side view mirrors show the car you’re driving.  I never understood why, I suppose folks have seen shows where kids were hanging off a parcel truck, and they want to be sure it doesn’t happen to them.  I have to admit, when I adjust my mirrors, I turn them out until my own car has just disappeared from the view; which isn’t quite what this website suggests.  In any case, check it out and comment what you think about it.  I’d like to hear!

3 thoughts on “Public service: How to properly adjust your car mirrors…

  1. Hey Rob, I TOATLLY understand what you are saying as I also DRIVE to where MY CAR DISAPPEARS from view….I mean why do I need to see MY CAR…..I need to see the other people around me. HA!

  2. drmike – do you mean if I were looking at the car in front of my car’s mirrors? I mean when I am driving someone else’s car; unless I misunderstood you..

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