Ah, I love the smell of gunpowder..

I recall being a kid of 5-6, and my folks wouldn’t allow us
to have fireworks. It was the 5th of July that was my favorite day of the
year – I grabbed my “briefcase” that looked like a small
suitcase and would set out for my block. I’d pick up all spent fireworks
and admire the smell. Ah!

But I had an interesting thing happen: someone driving by stopped to ask if I
was running away from home. I explained what I was doing, and they didn’t
believe me until I showed them my case full of burnt fireworks. They
laughed as the pulled away. It was then that I decided I’d stop collecting them; and started working my parents to buy the real thing. I
think that next year we got some sparklers…

This link has been around
for years, but it’s fun to make your own browser fireworks.

0 thoughts on “Ah, I love the smell of gunpowder..

  1. What a great story! And we never knew how it all got started.

    Hope you guys are having a super holiday, perhaps “resting on your laurels”
    after buying and selling and working, working, working.

    Love, Julie & Don oxo

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